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High School Classroom Programs

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The following programs are correlated to Earth and Environmental Science. Customizable programs for AP Environmental Science available upon request. Customizable programs for relevant electives such as NC Wildlife & Natural Resources available upon request.
The Butterfly Effect?
Students will explore major players in the climate system including air and water currents and the cycling of gases. They will discuss human impacts to the climate system, and how we may engage responsibly with it through monitoring and stewardship.
Science Essential Standards Correlations: EEn.2.3.1, EEn.2.5.1, EEn.2.6.1, EEn.2.6.2, EEn.2.6.3, EEn.2.6.4, EEn.2.8.1
Seeing Watersheds
Students will model river systems to illustrate the function of a watershed, and apply these concepts to an investigation of the Catawba River Basin. They will discuss human impacts in the Catawba, and learn about water conservation practices.
Science Essential Standards Correlations: EEn.2.3.2, EEn.2.4.1, EEn.2.4.2
Get the Groundwater Picture
Students will deepen their understanding of the movement of groundwater through the lithosphere and its connection to surface water. They will additionally discuss water usage and water quality in their community.
Science Essential Standards Correlations: EEn.2.3.2, EEn.2.4.1, EEn.2.4.2
Sustainable Food Systems
Students will discuss social, environmental, and economic implications of our global and regional food system. They will critique advantages and disadvantages of traditional vs. sustainable agriculture, and learn about the availability of local food in the Greater Charlotte Area.
Science Essential Standards Correlations: EEn.2.8.2
Soils around the World
Students will look at the importance of soil and understand the processes necessary for its formation. They will investigate soils found on their school ground, and make comparisons to soils found around the world. Finally, they will learn about the history of soil conservation.
Science Essential Standards Correlations: EEn.2.1.3, EEn.2.2.1, EEn.2.7.1