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Meeting Information Help

Legislation View

When you click the ‘Legislation’ tab, you will be able to search for individual agenda item files for all meetings.  The view will not be limited to agenda items for just one meeting:

Legislation View

The Legislation table shows the following data:



File #

This uniquely identifies each agenda item file. It is not the ‘Resolution’ or ‘Enactment’ number. That number becomes available after the item is passed by the board. This file ID is a link that will take you to details about the file.

Enactment #

This is the identifier assigned to a board action that is passed by the board. It consists of the year in which it was passed followed by its sequence. So, the first of the year 2016 would be 2016-001


The type of file usually indicates where within the agenda it will be placed. For example, most resolutions have a type of ‘Resolution (Consent)’ as they usually go within the consent agenda


The final status of the file. ‘Passed’, ‘Filed’ as information, …

File Created

Date the file first entered into the system.

Final Action

Date the final action was taken on the file


The title usually describes what action the board is taking with this file.


Searching the Legislation View

The Legislation View offers the following simple search dialog.

The ‘Search’ field allows you to specify text to search for within agenda documents.

Note: If all of the check boxes to the right are unchecked, the search will not return results.  You have to specify what fields you are searching. 

The check boxes allow you to search the following:




File #

This allows you to find files by their file # or their enactment number.


This will search through the legislation text.


This will search the contents of files attached to the agenda item

Other info

This will search file type, status and sponsor


You may use quotes to require an exact match.  You can use an asterisk as a wildcard.  You can also use ‘or’ and ‘and not’.

For example:

Entering ‘county vehicle’ would find every file containing the words county and vehicle.

Entering ‘county or vehicle’ would find files having the word county or the word vehicle.

Entering ‘“county vehicle”’ would only find files with the words together.

Entering ‘county and not vehicle’ would only find files that had the word county but did not have the word vehicle.

Entering ‘Extr*’ would find both ‘Extrication’ and ‘Extraterritorial’.

Advanced Search

Clicking the ‘Advanced search’ link will allow you to use the following search dialog

Click the ‘Help’ links for help in using this dialog.

Legislation Details View

Here you can see details for an individual agenda item file.

Legislation Details View

Much of the same information is displayed as was displayed within the Legislation View’s table.  In addition, you can see the following information:



On Agenda

The date of the meeting the agenda item is scheduled to appear on.

In Control

Which department submitted this agenda item


The Legislation Details View table has the following information for the selected file.




The agenda date for this item


The version number of this file

Action By

Which board acted on this item


The final action taken for this item (approved, disapproved, tabled…)


Passed, Failed, …

Action Details

This is a link that takes you to details such as who made the motion, who seconded and how each member voted

Meeting Details

This is a link that takes you to information about all of the files addressed in the meeting where this item was addressed


This link will take you to the point in the meeting video where this item was addressed


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