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Domestic Violence Program

The Gaston County Sheriff's Office has always been concerned for the physical safety and welfare of the citizens living in our community. In the last few years, the Sheriff has added a number of resources to improve their response to the problem of domestic violence in Gaston County:

  • In 2007, the Gaston County Sheriff's Office, the Shelter of Gaston County, and the Gaston County Attorney's Office developed a partnership to provide a Court Advocate who is located at the Sheriff's Office and advises victims about available resources. With the help of other local agencies, the advocate answers questions such as how to fill in and file complaints of abuse, how to address the court, and often, may accompany the victim to the courtroom.
  • Created a Domestic Violence Unit: This team of two specialized Sheriff Deputies attends to matters concerning domestic violence. They serve all protective orders granted by the court to help ensure the safety of victims and their families.

These two groups, the Court Advocate and the Domestic Violence Unit have helped many Gaston County men and women to find safety and the support they request through the legal process. Through the positive action of these groups and the continued education about domestic violence, the citizens of Gaston County live safer and happier lives.

 Resource Guide

Guia de Recursos para las Victimas de Violencia Domestica (Resource Guide)