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She Cries in Silence

She never knows what makes it start
She only knows it breaks her heart
To think no matter what she does or says
The man she loves will strike her again
She Cries in Silence

The Pain, The Grief, The Heartbreak
The Sadness, The Loss of Self Confidence
and the Loss of Self-Esteem
She Cries in Silence

Her heart so torn between love and hate
She feels the shame of what she thinks
She Cries in Silence

OH GOD! She says, Please let me know
just what to do and where to go
My Children, My Family, and My Life, Too
But what can I do?
But suffer through and
She Cries in Silence

Your cries are heard
Your fears are known
Life up your head and carry on
We will be with you to help you through
This difficult time in your life

A safe haven we will give
Our helping hands can help you heal
We will be your strength for now
You Don't Have to Cry In Silence


- Geraldine Conner

September 12, 1994